Amazing jetsurf power board designed for pure fun

These incredible Jetsurf power board is designed by JetSurf and are actually the only motor powered water vehicles that are absolutely mobile because they can be transported as luggage by person, boat, car, ship, and plane – anywhere in the world. These amazing power boards are the amazing combination between a motor vehicle and surf – designed to provide absolute 100% water fun. Everybody wants one of these beauties. Without them the water sport experience is just incomplete.

Amazing Jetsurf power board designed with total precision

The jetsurf power board is the emblem product of the Jetsurf Company with a founder – Martin Sula. The firm was actually founded in 2008, but it already made its global strike with this amazing invention. The power boards are the result of countless hours researching and combining innovative engineering solutions, hydromechanics, industrial design, and of course surfing.

The power board can be easily transported due to the fact that it is made of very light materials. Its overall weight is only 14 kg, which is about 30 pounds. The GreenTech engine meets all the latest standards in terms of emissions and is very eco-friendly. This power board is simply the perfect solution for water sports and places surfing under a whole different spot light.

Innovative technological wonder – Jetsurf power board

The Jetsurf power board ismade in a special factory, equipped with the latest technology meeting the highest standard in terms of technological production, material usage and design. The boards are made with the utmost care and precision by top-specialists so that the boards can let you experience this sensation of the absolute blast and water fun in total safety.

Although it is fairly powerful, the jetsurf power board is not too powerful which again corresponds with the safety issue. Jetsurf power boards – designed to for sensational 100% fun in the water! 

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