Regal 3200 Bowrider – luxurious, improved runaboat

When you see a runabout that has absolutely everything intact – gorgeous design, powerful engine and intuitive cockpit like the new Regal 3200 Bowrider, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Let me guess… You’re thinking “I have got to have it!”. Oh, did I mention that it also includes a new improved spacing – the space on the new Bowrider has been widened and the also the ability for stepping side-deck has been improved.

Everything you might have not liked in the previous models is now gone. This beauty is definitely the perfect temptation for a ride.

Regal 3200 Bowrider – comfortable, stylish, beautiful runabout

Regal 3200 Bowrider also has improved above deck furnishing, which will make your day out in the sea or lake even more comfortable and enjoyable. Take a look at the gorgeous furnishing, isn’t it the perfect place for sunbathing? You can easily use that boat for your favorite watersport, all you need is the proper equipment, it is fast enough to satisfy your hunger for the extreme, and tamed enough to be safe.

This boat is designed to be enjoyed by the whole family. Take it out in the sea for a nice picnic for instance, or an intimate romantic ride, this boat is perfect for any occasion.

Regal – improved in every way

Now let’s get serious and check out some of the characteristics of Regal 3200 Bowrider. This beauty has 10’4’’ beam, 150 gal fuel capacity, Mercruiser or Volvo Penta sterndrives which give you a maximum horsepower of 760 hp. The bridge clearance is 9’1, it has a 21 degrees deadrise, and a displacement of about 9,000 lb. Simply an amazing runabout, see for yourself!

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