Oru Origami Kayak – New durable kayak fits into a case

Oru Origami Kayak is finally here – this is an absolutely gorgeous, unbelievably compact and recyclable kayak. It is designed to fit in this small case, which makes it a dream come true for everyone who looks forward to an adventure.

Although it looks like an origami, it is absolutely just as durable as any other solid kayak. It is even better than an ordinary one due to the fact that it is lighter, but much better designed. It has a new structure made of new innovative materials. It is much more comfortable due to the fact that the seat is more carefully designed to naturally fit in with the curves of the body. Everything about Oru is simply fantastic.

You are probably wondering how Oru Origami Kayak fits in that small case. Well the structure allows you to disassemble it and reasamble it, so that it is easier to carry it or fit in the car. This makes it very practical for you to travel and it eliminates the problem with the car luggage. You can fit your origami kayak in the trunk of the car, with no problem. How awesome is that?

What about the rough weather and waves? As said earlier, Oru Origami Kayak is extremely durable, you can be sure that the double-layered plastic is much safer than the other ordinary kayaks we are used to. This beauty is fully equipped with everything you need in terms of bad weather conditions. A little practice on the kayak and you will be good to go. So here are the few easy steps: Unfold the kayak from the case, assemble it – it is really quick and get on with your adventure. It is just that simple!

The perfect solution for your new sport addiction

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