Orsos Islands – A vacation on a private, mobile island

Did you ever want to combine your yacht experience with a relaxing on a private island? Well with Orsos islands you have the chance to do it. It is actually a completely new innovative solution for those who want to travel and be on “grounds” at the same time, because this is actually a mobile island. It combines the lovely landscape of an island with the coziness and luxury of a yacht.

How awesome is that? You have the ability to travel around on your own private island, where you can enjoy both – the nature and feel spoiled of modernity and luxury at the same time.

Orsos islands – the island you will love travelling with

The Orsos islands – mobile island-yacht is the perfect solution for your vacation. And here are a couple of reasons that will definitely convince you that it is so. First of all the feeling is similar to that of being on an island that floats, which is quite a great experience. Since the island is designed to be about 21 feet long and 65 feet wide you can see that there is plenty of space to feel comfortable on both the indoor and outdoor areas.

You can even invite friends and family over on your vacation, because this small luxurious island is capable of accommodating 15 people. There are plenty of entertaining possibilities. There is also a bar and a Jacuzzi, a lovely expansive terrace where you can gasp at the breathtaking views.

Amazing combination between a yacht and a private island

The designers of Orsos Islands have thought of everything. The indoors are well blending with the gorgeous exterior of the mobile island. Inside you have a luxurious bedroom, a lounge living room, your own private restaurant, a bar and fully equipped kitchen. As you can see the furnishing is gorgeous and luxurious as well.

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