Giorgio Armani’s yacht – Review

We are presentig the Giorgio Armani’s yacht. World renowned designer Giorgio Armani is known to be a keen admirer of yachts. He’s the owner of a first class marine vehicle with the best of yacht interior design that can be found.

Structure and design specifications – Armani’s yacht

Giorgio Armani’s yacht is 150 foot long and 30 foot wide. It has four storeys. It has a steel hull, charcoal grey in colour, and an aluminium structure in a pearl grey nuance. A notable specification of the vessel is the structural design and especially window placement, structured so as to allow the use of natural daylight.

This makes the cruise in the open see a realistic touch with nature, as the interior of the vessel bonds with the surrounding landscape. The yacht interior is correlated in colour with the main yacht structure materials. The main colours in the general vessel structure are blue and white.

The interior of Giorgio Armani’s yacht

The main materials of the Giorgio Armani’s yacht interior design are wood and steel for the walls, floor coverings and furniture, and natural cloth fibres for the furniture coverings. Grey, soft brown and blue are the most widely used colours.

Blue can mainly be found in the decorative elements and accents of the yacht interior. The wooden panels, used widely in the entire interior configuration, are all in light, soothing tones. The various rooms have their own functions. There are rooms for resting, gathering thoughts, best suited for private contemplations.

Then there are rooms for social gatherings, for both living and dining purposes.

The living-room furniture has white, soft cloth coverings. The bed coverings in the bed rooms use the standard white and blue stripes for marine uniforms. The dining room furniture is made predominantly of wood – both tables and chairs being wooden structures. The wall coverings in most rooms are also made of wood.

Price of Giorgio Armani’s yacht

Giorgio Armani’s luxurious yacht, with its stylish features and luxurious yacht interior, was designed and crafted for a price of €40 million.

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