Formula 353 FAS3Tech exceptional luxurious boat

The Formula 353 Fas3Tech is the boater’s dream. The boat is fully equipped with everything you would need on your boating trip – it includes a lounge and a table, lovely cushions on the side which you can arrange according to your needs and taste. There is a refrigerator for cool drinks, and you also have a sink and TV.

Formula 353 FAS3Tech – luxurious high-speed boat

Feeling like you are on the edge, Formula 353 FAS3Tech will provide you the speed you were dreaming of thanks to its twin 570 hp Ilmor MV8 570s. Is 85 mph fast enough for you?  You will instantly feel like you belong in the sea. This boat is perfect for those who like adventures and extreme sensations of high-speed boats. The cockpit has an exceptional design and a very comfortable seating.

This allows the boater to feel secured and enjoy the high-speed drive. The boat is also perfect for a romantic ride around the city coastline. You can see from the pictures that it can suit perfectly for a nice romantic picnic on a sunny day. Are you feeling the luxury already?

The boaters dream – Formula 353 FAS3Tech

Because of its exceptional design and light weight Formula 353 FAS3Tech is able to perform so greatly and accomplish this high-speed. Of course, the engine has also a lot to do with its achievement.

Maybe the only problem is that the boat is not offered with padding and storage but that’s not even a real problem since most of the time experienced boaters buy a new repository anyway. And to be honest, this boat is definitely perfect for an experienced boater. So, are you ready to take this beauty for a ride?

Exceptional, luxurious high-speed boat- perfect for adventurers

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