Baja 30 Outlaw GT – more power, more speed

Baja 30 Outlaw GT is definitely the new dream boat. If you are looking for something intuitive in terms of driving and much more practical when it comes to the cockpit this powerboat is definitely the right choice. Let’s talk a little about the design first.

This incredible boat has an edgy modern and extremely beautiful design, as the above decks is expansive and comfortable allowing you and your companion to feel comfortable at all times. Imagine taking this beauty out on a sunny day – it is perfect for a lovely romantic ride out in the sea or simply having a total blast and fun.

Exceptional new poweboat Baja 30 Outlaw GT

Now, let’s talk about more serious stuff and get to the point. Here are the specific characteristics of the The Baja 30 Outlaw GT: It has a draft of 2’11, 8’6 beam, transom deadrise 24 degrees and an approximate displacement of 6,900 lb. The bridge clearance is 5’3  and the fuel capacity is 142 gal. The 1,130 hp is reached thanks to the Twin MerCruiser or Mercury Racing serndrives. What this basically means is that this beauty is not designed to be standing still, it has to be driven. Explore the magnificence of riding this speedboat.

 Spectacular performance

Baja 30 Outlaw GT is not just a powerboat. It is an example of what all boats should be like. It has an incredible below decks interior which is quite expansive for a powerboat. It is equipped with everything you need for your trip.

Mostly it is equipped with the power you’ve been dreaming of having on your speedboat. Are you ready to ride off to the sunset with this beauty all intact?

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