AquaPatio 250 Express

AquaPatio 250 Express shows us a whole new revolutionary boat design. Leave your old perspective on boating and check out this beauty. It is gorgeous design is only one side of things. This boat has a whole new crew. The seating modules are made of fiberglass.

To make it more expansive some of the features are almost invisible because they are located on the side flowing lines of the design. This thoughtful integration gave the designers the ability to maximize the space even more.

Gorgeous AquaPatio 250 Express

Because of the sleek stylish design, which has a maximum space for the passengers and allows integration of the features, the AquaPatio 250 Express boat actually has larger pontoons with 27 inch diameter. The boat also features SeaStar power-assist hydraulic steering, which makes driving the boat very easy and intuitive. Imagine how amazing it would be to go out on a sunny day in the sea with this gorgeous AquaPatio boat.

With 42.8 mph  AquaPatio 250 Express is compared to the Yamaha F300

AquaPatio 250 Express is the perfect boat for a family day out in the sea, or if you want to go out by yourself or with friends and check out how fast can this beauty go. It has a peak speed of 42.8 mhp, which instantly makes it suitable for comparison with the Yamaha F300. The boat is perfectly solid and provides extra safety solutions even for rough waters or weather. With its compact design, chic stylish look, great characteristics, this is definitely one of the best boat models we’ve seen this year.H

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