Motor Yacht Swift 141

The Swift yacht is an exceptionally beautiful motor yacht, built in 2011. With a length of 141 metres and a width of 14.4 metres, it has a rather impressive configuration. Its design was inspired by a Dutch frigate model from 1977. It has a narrow beam and a high engine system.

The luxurious Swift yacht is built by the ADM shipyards in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The stunning interior and exterior configurations have been designed by the French designer studio Pierre-Jean. Its marvellous exterior is distinguished by the preciseness of the elements and the master crafted glass coverings. The motor yacht’s corpus is made of solid steel and the superstructures are made of wood. Thanks to the two modern MTU diesel engines, it reaches a maximum speed of 26 knots. Its relatively narrow beam adds beauty to its shape.

The modern interior of the Swift offers accommodation for 56 crew member and 60 guests. The best conveniences are available for the guests, including an open air swimming-pool, a spa centre and even a helicopter field! This field has a high quality audio-visual system for providing leisure activities, a garage for water toys, as well as a door made of carbon fibres, which functions as a platform for access to the yacht’s board and for swimming.

The motor yacht is equipped with all the latest technologies, like modern radars and cameras, underwater cameras and SATCOM. The single stern pushing devices allow a free positioning of the crew on board the vessel.

The Swift answers to all MCA standards and possesses a number of specifications according to the yacht codex.

Motor yacht Swift 141 is a reconstruction of a Dutch marine fleet frigate, but combined with a futuristic design and remarkable interior and exterior design. All of its correlated and mutually complementing features, both concerning technology and accommodation, make it a successful project.

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