Retro inspired speed boat – Aquariva by Marc Newson

Australian designer Marc Newson, in collaboration with Riva and Ferretti’s Group, has designed a retro inspired speed boat which is called Aquariva. Aquariva is a 10.07 meters, limited edition boat, constructed from phenolic composite (a textile-based wood-like laminate).

 A luxury speed boat with fascinating design

Marc Newson, is famous for creating a range of the world’s most beautiful and technically advanced industrial designs, from concept jets to surfboards. The Riva boats are recognized for the luxury and style and the limited edition of Aquariva has an exceptional design and advanced technology.

The speed boat features a one-piece laminated glass windshield, double door entry to the cabin, anodized aluminum handrails, bow thruster, electronic transmission technology and the separate driver and passenger seats. Instead of the traditional mahogany deck Aquariva is designed and crafted from a phenolic textile composite. That material was the predecessor of fiber glass and was developed in the beginning of twentieth century. The designer explained his choice of material as it has wood-like quality, color and grain, but with greater durability.

 A limited edition retro-inspired speed boat

The Aquariva speed boat is designed in vivid colors which remind of the 1960s Riva Aquarama model. In order to keep the elegance and sleek modern design Newson used anodized aluminum handrails for both aesthetic and technical reasons. The material is not generally associated with boats but with space components. To add maneuverability the boat is powered by Yanmar diesel engines. Only 22 boats shall be manufactured in this limited edition.

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