Pershing Pininfarina Limited Edition

The Pershing Pininfarina Limited Editionyacht is an interesting result of the work of an Italian shipyard. The owners of this shipyard are actually better known with their automobile models, such as Ferrari and Maserati. The interior of this motor yacht is reminiscent of these automobile models. All leather furniture is in red tones – from the couches in the captain’s cabin to the leather sofas in the guest saloon.

The Pershing Pininfarina Edition can accommodate up to eight passengers. It offers four separate cabins for the passengers to assure their privacy. Each cabin has all the necessary accommodations – double beds, a private bath room, a television set and an air conditioner.

Apart from the guest saloon, the motor yacht has a modern kitchen, along with a bar for drinks. There also a dining crib established with a sufficient number of seats. All drawers in the kitchen are built from high quality wood and strengthened with carbon fibres.

The main dock of the Pershing Pininfarina motor yacht there is place for lounging and taking sun baths. The lounges are red in tone, reminiscent of the Ferrari models. The outdoor furniture is correlated to the indoor furniture in terms of colour, style and design.

The captain’s cabin of the Pershing Pininfarina Limited Edition is just as well equipped. It has the necessary technology for navigation and it guarantees safety when reaching a speed of 35 knots during cruise trips.

This motor yacht model is distinguished as having a full package to offer, including outstanding accommodations, luxurious interior and exterior design, high technology equipment and all necessary safety precautions. All these accolades make the Pershing Pininfarina Limited Edition one of the best motor yachts, appropriate for cruise voyages, as per distinguished by many designers and marine vessel building companies.

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