Moon Goddess Yacht

Moon Goddess is a 35 metre long motor yacht, weighing at 187 tons. Its length on the water line is 29 metres. It has a 1.3 metre maximum floundering. It is produced by the Danish Yachts shipyard. The exterior design of this incredibly balanced motor yacht is made by Espen Oeino International and the interior is devised by Zuretti.

The Moon Goddess is a sports yacht. The maximum speed of 45 knots is achieved thanks to the two 16V4000M90 diesel engines, produced by MTU. They make for a power of 7 500 horse powers.

The motor yacht’s average on voyages is of 40 knots. It has fantastic manoeuvring capabilities and a range of 800 sea miles. The motor yacht is made of carbon fibres, high quality wood and resin, which make her faster, lighter and stronger than other yachts, which are made of steel and fibre glass. The docks of Moon Goddess motor yacht are made of teak tree.

The interior design of the Moon Goddess motor yacht is devised by Zuretti. The clean Scandinavian style is the lead trend in the interior, with the beautiful white leather sofas in the guest saloon, as well as the many wooden elements in the interior configuration.

The Moon Goddess yacht can accommodate up to five crew members along with six guests. For that purpose, there is one master cabin, three double cabins and a triple cabin.

They all have all necessary accommodations – a separate bath room, a Jacuzzi, a television set and internet connection. The captain’s cabin is excellently equipped with all the necessary navigation technology of first class.

With all its high technological features for travel and safety, as well as its high accommodation facilities, the Moon Goddess has gained renowned distinct in the marine vessel building industry. Travelling on board this fast, light and beautiful Moon Goddess motor yacht is a real pleasure and an unforgettable experience.

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