Lamborghini Yacht by Mauro Lecchie

The Italian automobile designer Mauro Lecchie and the specialists of Fenice Milano have joined forces to create a yacht prototype, inspired by the legendary Lamborghini automobiles. The result is more than impressive, a real challenge – Lamborghini yacht.

The design of the exterior of Lamborghini yacht is reminiscent of the windows of the Lamborghini super automobile. In this case they are turned into large windows, which give the yacht its sports spirit and make it easy to be recognized even from a distance. At the same time the well known interior is create using a large lit surface. The engine of this luxury yacht has a power of 550 horse powers, V12.

The material used for its production is lightened and is made by using contemporary materials of the cosmic industry and of the RINA system. The interior configuration of the luxury yacht offers endless opportunities for personalising by using noble materials. Also, Lamborghini yacht offers complex high technological equipment in complete unison with the unique tradition and work of “Made in Italy”.

The pilot’s cabin of the luxury Lamborghini yacht offers a pair of outer docks by the stern, a double bed, a sofa, a bar and an entertainment centre. An important feature is the large windows for better vision and optimal sunlight use.

The control is in a centre place and has an access to a cosy and protected room on the front dock, very close to the driving position. The interior formation includes a complete environment for the owner, with a bath room and shower cabin. In addition, there is a guest bed room complete with a bath room on the nose of this motor yacht.

The corpse of this Lamborghini luxury yacht is wedge-shaped. The yacht is made of wood and Kevlar. It is highly productive and economic at the same time, according to its creators. Using elements from the emblematic Lamborghini super automobiles, the creators apply them to the 50-metre motor boat, which in result has lead to the creation of an impressive luxury yacht, which calls for associations with the legendary automobiles.

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