A powerful blue motor boat by Xavier Veilhan

You may think you are looking at a rendering image but this powerful blue motor boat is for real. Designed by a Parisian multi-disciplinary and installation artist artist Xavier Veilhan in cooperation with the prestigious 80-year-old Austrian shipyard Frauscher, the boat is the vision of an artist for a dream sea cruising.

The blue motor boat combines art and technology

The blue motor boat is designed in monochrome color and is described as a “monochrome nautical sculpture”.  It is completely blue except for the dials behind the steering wheel. When the Xavier Veilhan was invited to design a boat he took a chance to visualize his artistic approach to movement and motion. The boat is called RAL5105 and gets is named after the code for sky blue in the RAL color coding system. It is 6.9 meter long and as little as it looks, it conveniently accommodated eight people.

 A true man’s blue motor boat

The amazing design of the blue motor boat accents the simple lines of the boat but it is not just about design. Besides the fact that it is special and different from everything else, it is also quite powerful. Equipped with a MerCruiser 220 HP motor it can travel at 40 knots speed. The stunning boat was auctioned and we are sure that someone is having a lot of fun with a designer masterpiece.

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