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Ferretti Yacht 720 – Enjoy Luxury

Ferretti Yacht 720 - Enjoy Luxury

Motor Ferretti Yacht 720 is the new super yacht offered by this high-profile Italian yacht manufacturing company.


Ferretti Yacht 720

The Ferretti Yacht 720 is one of the symbols of Italian-make, and a chronicled Ferreti Group emblem reveals their new Ferreti 720 yacht project. This is an innovative task evolved from the employed connection between, AYT. Ferretti Yacht 720 projects assesses almost 22 meters in extent and closely 6 in width. The characteristics bountiful space additional enlarged by the natural light that filters in through the enormous size windows.

Ferretti Yacht 720

The cockpit of .Ferretti Yacht 720 is a factual outdoor salon, with teak flooring, and a substantial table with the bench and seating for 8-10 people. Continuing along, Super Ferretti Yacht 720 characteristics a significant, unusually snug salon which, utilizing the breadth of the hull, boasts a spacious, natural environment commonly only glimpsed on yachts assessing well over 70’. The central of the salon has divided into a dwelling locality with an L-shaped couch, armchair and coffee table to the left and a dining locality, established in the direction of the bow, with an immense crystal table and seats for up to eight persons.

Ferretti Yacht 720


Ferretti Yacht 720 interior

Full and empty spaces of Ferretti Yacht 720 alternate dignified, producing in a well-balanced, lightweight look and the reduced parts of furnishings are highly purposeful, while still permitting plentiful room through the windows. Spatiality is intensified by the natural light, supplementing to the delight of being on board of the Ferretti Yacht 720.

Ferretti Yacht 720

Ferretti Yacht 720 buys large vigilance to the crew, as well. The crew locality accessed utilizing the steps established in the left of the cockpit, is quite distinct from the Owner and guest locality, furthermore, established astern on the smaller deck. The utility room equipped as laundry locality permits for direct get access to the motor room, the two cabins and the head.

Ferretti Yacht 720

Ferreti Yachts Group AYT, as per custom, evolves the hull and propulsion and every mechanical edge onboard. Ferreti yachts 720 to be presents for setting up of twin MTU 10V 2000 M 92 motors with a power of 1382 horsepower, as well as an optional engine, in line with Ferretti Yachts custom, pledge a remarkably satisfactory performance.