Amazing powerful speed boat from Claydon Reeves inspired by aviation

It is called Aeroboat and the inspiration for the design came from aviation. Could a boat fly? It could. Created by UK yacht designers Claydon Reeves, this stunning powerful speed boat has everything – elegance, sophistication and of course, a mighty power.

A luxury and powerful speed boat inspired by the legendary Spitfire fighter plane

The design of this super powerful speed boat combines classic and futuristic vision. It has a stunning exterior and the legendary British Supermarine Spitfire fighter plane from World War II was the inspiration for it.

The sweeping tail and the authentic air intake scoop are a modern resemblance of the airplane. And on top of that, the cockpit is designed as a sports car and features exclusive leather stitching and wooden dashboard. The forward seats are with a shock-mounted design and again inspired by the Spitfire landing gear. Below the deck, the cabin includes a double berth and a small bathroom, but It can comfortably hold up to seven passengers. Equipment includes a combination of analogue gauges for basic functions and touchscreen navigational systems, as well as a joystick throttle.

A super powerful speed boat with a Rolls-Royce engine

The stunning Aeroboat is equipped with a supercharged Merlin V12 engine, with bespoke gearbox and final drive and, as per the creators, can achieve speeds of over 50 knots. Merlin V12 engine was designed more than 80 years ago and the power output of the iconic engine would vary between 1100hp and 2500hp, depending on the application.

Designers are planning to build a limited edition of only 10 Aeroboats customized as per the personal requirements of each client. This powerful motor boat is constructed from carbon fibre and Kevlar with a lightweight wood veneer and everything  –  the cockpit layout, the interior trim, exterior finishes and engine specifications would be manufactured to satisfy the customer’s individual preference.

This luxury and exclusive powerful speed boat shall be manufactured entirely in Great Britain at a yard on the Solent. The estimated price tag is between two and three million pounds.

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