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New Year's Eve Celebrations across the world

happy new year celebrations around the world

New Year’s Eve Celebrations are always extremely festive and parade. The beginning of a new year is closely connected with the new beginning at all both – for the entire nation and for the single individual. This makes it such a great and awesome experience to spend the New Year’s Eve Celebration outside your home or public amenity and become a part of the whole chaos of joy, happiness, and hope. Even though the New Year’s Eve Celebrations are different in each particular region across the world, one similar thing will always remain – the positive adjustment for a bright future and more successful events.

New Year’s Eve Celebrations around the globe – the beginning of the year

Happy New Year London Big Ben fireworks

To make a review of all the New Year’s Eve Celebrations across the world, we are about to present you the diverse festive parades for the beginning of 2012 around the globe. Each of these regions has their own individual sign and tradition, which is though, connected with the wish for a better life and for problems to go away by being left back in the passing by year. The grand shows on the main hot spots of large cities and significant capitals are inspiring and imposing enough to cheer even the most desperate or suffered nation.

World festal centers of New Year’s Eve Celebrations 

New Year's Eve Celebration fireworks indonesia jakarta

The first people that succeeded to welcome the new 2012 year were the citizens of Samoa and Tokelau. The New Year’s Eve Celebrations in these regions were accompanied by great show events and amazing firework programs. There were actually plenty of tourists, who came to Samoa and Tokelau in order to be the first people, who will celebrate the beginning of the new 2012 year.

New Year’s Eve Celebrations in Europe

Germany New Year's Eve Celebrations

In Europe most of the parades for the New Year’s Eve Celebrations of 2012 were closely connected to the main local political and religious leaders` speeches, who have expressed their wish for a faster economic and debt crisis go away. For instance, the French President – Nicolas Sarkozy – applied for more courage and boldness and linked his New Year`s wishes with the upcoming political elections. In German, Chancellor Angela Merkel warned the German nation the new 2012 would be much more difficult than the 2011, though, the hope should remain in people`s hearts. Meanwhile, in the Spanish capital of Madrid, the youth took the New Year’s Eve Celebrations of 2013 in their hands by organizing 6 mini parties in the hot spots of the city.

Amazing New Year’s Eve Celebrations

New Year's Eve Celebration Year Moskow

The Red Square in Moscow was totally fabulous during the New Year’s Eve Celebrations of 2012, because of the amazingly beautiful firework event during which the alcohol was forbidden as the Russian`s president apply for reducing the public damages caused by the constant abuse. Not far away from the spectacular Moscow, in Ukraine, the main square of the capital – Kiev – was dived into brilliant fireworks and lighting show, as well. In Turkey, the bad weather did not stopped the Turkish nation to have fun and awesome festive.

Asian New Year’s Eve Celebrations 2012

New Year's Eve Celebration - Asia fireworks

In Asia New Year’s Eve Celebrations of 2012 were as glamorous as the events in Europe. In Tokyo, the awesome fireworks and balloons shows were devoted to the pray and hope for leaving behind the tragedy of the earthquakes and tsunami damages. The local leaders applied the nation for welcoming the new year with more smiles instead of tears and cries beside the awful events that happened during the last months of 2012. In North Korea, New Year’s Eve Celebrations of 2012 was detached to the ex leader Kim Jong-il`s death and was accompanied with a political complain for calling of trust to the next heir to the “crown”.

New Year’s Eve Celebrations in the United States ans Australia

Australia New year's Eve Celebrations

Melodic and music events were recorder in some parts of the world during the New Year’s Eve Celebrations of 2012 events. For instance, in Sydney, the firework show was diversified with the mass singing of “Time to dream” song and New York was lit up with hope and joy because of the Frank Sinatra`s “New York, New York” public synchronization.

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  • On November 27, 2012