World’s first practical jetpack by Martin Aircraft Company

The first practical jetpack in the world to be ever given permission by Civil Aviation Authoriity to start flight testing is designed by Martin Aircraft Company (based in New Zealand).

After completing and successfully passing the tests, the practical jetpack is officially considered the first of its kind. This revolutionary new aircraft, also known as the Martin jetpack, has been under development for quite some time.

The fact that its test-run was successful gives us the notion that its goal to be of service for the military or emergency services by this time next year is not so unreachable.

The practical jetpack’s flight should be achieved no more than six meters height above the populated areas. According to the Company’s CEO – Peter Coker, this jetpack is a huge leap in technology and according to him, what once was a dream, can now be easily turned into reality with commercialized production of the jetpack.  We definitely agree that it will be a huge revolution in terms of technology and travel, if the jetpack goes into mass production in the nearest future.

According to Martin Aircraft Company this could also be possible, and that’s the company’s next goad – to commercialize the practical jetpack by 2015. The price of one of these beauties is estimated to be around 150,000 -250,000 USD. The innovation in technology doesn’t stop with the jetpack. Aircrafts are considered the fastest, easiest, and some of the safest transport. Many have tried to commercialize their project like the human-powered helicopter, and supersonic capsules. We have yet to see more of these amazing aircraft solutions brought more and more into common, every-day use.