Synergy aircraft for private flights

Is the Synergy aircraft the start of a revolution in terms of airplane design? The construction and design of this award-winning new aircraft is being led by John McGinnis.

As a personal airplane this one provides comfort and much better solutions in terms of efficiency. It is a well-known fact that the airplane is the fastest, easiest way to travel long distances and it is considered to be one of the most important discoveries of the past century. Creating a personal airplane like Synergy seems like something we need for this century.

The design of the Synergy aircraft makes it ultimately comfortable and intuitive in terms of flying longer distances. The plane provides comfortable seating for six passengers, with high-quality material usage both in the interior and exterior. Besides its aircraft high-performance, the plane also provides extra safety. The design includes a unique box tail which makes the plane even more stable. It has a parachute and a push-button emergency system. The aircraft also includes a turbo diesel engine.

Speaking of efficiency, Synergy aircraft is 10 times more efficient in terms of fuel consumption compared to the average small jet. It also should cost 10 times less to buy someday. There are a lot of reasons why this aircraft is called “largest practical fuel economy breakthrough in history” because it is so versatile and compact the aircraft can also fly faster than the older planes and further than the jets, and land at a much lower speed. It gets more than 40 miles per gallon.