Cessna Citation Private Jet Sovereign

The model of Cessna Citation Sovereign gives the contemporary business passenger the offer to cover much more ground than the competition. In addition, it shows how this can be done with little effort and less money than expected.

If this offer seems rational for you, then Sovereign is suitable for your mission. With an impressive range of speed from point of point and the biggest cabin of its class, this model of Cessna dramatically redefines what a middle-sized airplane is capable of doing.

The remarkable Cessna Citation Sovereign can constantly vary at about 5273 km. By all criteria the Sovereign is a larger plane for its money than any other business jet ever built. With its size this model of Cessna Citation Private Jet gives you the opportunity to take more people, with more luggage, to more places. Covering more and more territory, we realize that the comfort within the cabin is a must.

Passing through different time zones, continents, countries and districts, we acknowledge the freedom of being able to get up, take a walk and take a breather at any given moment. It is important to be able to relax during a long flight. One of the main biological reasons is the need to stay awake and aware at all times, keep our mind sharp and our energy steady.

The Cessna Citation Sovereign cabin is 7,7 m wide, while the space insures a 17,53 m3 area, the biggest interior of its class, which equals an unprecedented comfort. It goes with a modern aerodynamic, effectiveness of fuel, convenience on all level, of which the pilots of all other planes can only dream about. There is so much free space inside that we can take off, having our entire luggage with us on a single trip – this is what is impressive about Cessna Citation Sovereign, a prime example of a Cessna Citation Private Jet model.