Gulfstream Private Jet G500

If you must combine international and local flights, then the Gulfstream  G500, is the perfect choice. It has a large cabin, where up to eighteen people can be transported; it flies great distances with a low fuel supply and can fly a tested distance of 9445 km at a record short period of time. The G500 can fly a distance of 10 742 km without a mid-flight landing, making it possible to fly at distances the length of the Los Angeles-Tokyo course, or the London-Johannesburg course.

Like all the Gulfstream Private Jet models, the G500 has a long range of flight without refuelling. The pilot cabin is equipped with a Gulfstream Plan View, which the latest, most up-to-date system in the world of business aviation.

By means of a modern generation on-board technology, the situational knowledge of the pilots has been improved. It gives them the opportunity to use the Vision system. This Gulfstream Private Jet G500 system allows them to see the markings on the landing strip, the pathways and the surrounding landscape even at night or in the case of bad weather conditions.

Gulfstream G500 is projected with the idea to provide maximum comfort to the passengers. The spacious compartment has up to four separate areas for habitation, three different temperature zones and gives the opportunity for choice of configurations for the eighteen passengers, who can fly in the airplane. Zones for work, fun and leisure, and a dining-room have been set.

The oval windows of the Gulfstream G500 provide sufficient sunlight and 100% fresh air. The negative effects of the time zones have been reduced to a minimum. The G500 delivers the passengers relaxed and refreshed to their scheduled destination.

The large range of the plane and its impressive speed are distinguishable. In this living area there are a number of arrangements and configuration. The G500 combines traditional and untraditional factors: comfort, sustainability and modern technology. This is the first airplane, projected especially for the business, which has been travelling for more than 50 years. Gulfstream Private Jets has set the standard, which they continue followed up until this very day.

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