Cessna Citation Private Jet XLS+

The Cessna Citation Private Jet XLS+ is the most commonly sold business jet in the world. This model of Cessna Citation Private Jet is the newest chapter of the success stories of business aviation. And it is a truly exquisite piece of work. The outstanding model of this plane has been a step of improving the quality of business jets all around the world.

Among the improvements are some of the most wanted board electronic appliances, the full digit control of the FADEC engine, the improvements in the pilot’s cabin, like wider couches for the passengers and a more simplified profile. Cessna Citation Private Jet XLS+ gives you the opportunity to do the best you could for your personal business, to let it help you in your transportation and take you quickly and safely to any and all destination.

Cessna Citation Private Jet XLS+ combines comfort and lightness. To this basis there have been a number of technologies added, including some of the most advanced board control systems in the world. With the addition of this new Cessna model, a new class of business jets came about. Anyone can imagine the convenience of flying in a 5,79 metre long cabin. In the confines of this incredibly quiet and spacious place, you will have the feeling that you are in an airplane, which costs much more. Your main finance director will tell you otherwise, though.

The distinctive characteristics of Cessna Citation Private Jet XLS+ give the opportunity of a take-off and landing on lower velocities and on shorter field. This increases the number of fields, which you can use and which are closer to your real destinations.

The Cessna Citation Private Jet XLS+ model combines the comfort cabin of a middle-sized plane with the flexibility and lightness of a small plane. This gives the opportunity for bigger inner luggage storage to be included. This model has an excellent new profile, with the most important elements being preserved, making this airplane that much more successful. At the same time you will have the best of technology at your disposal. In few words, the most commonly sold airplane was transformed into something else – the best one thus far.