Cessna Citation Private Jet CJ4

Cessna Citation private jet CJ4 combines an ergonomic and stylish cabin with the latest in technological appliances and an outstanding work capacity.

This new model of Cessna takes all things you have known and loved in the Cessna family and raises them up to greater levels. The engineers of Cessna, who have created the CJ4, have used the ideas of all Cessna owned jets, the opinions of operators and pilots, with whom they had had contact throughout the years. The directions form the past Cessna operators have come to be priceless, when the time had come to create something better. Cessna combines bold and ingenious technological ideas with a fine design, which make it, without a doubt, the most advanced model of Cessna Citation Private Jet so far.

Cessna Citation CJ4 private jet gives the flight a universal power of middle class, capacity, speed and a useful load, correlated to the operating costs and the work capacity of the field for take offs and landings. For their aerodynamic improvements the engineers of Cessna have joined forces with Williams. The FJ 44-A4 engine reaches incredible speed, when at the same time the set for landing on the fields is short – 823 m, to be exact.

The spacious cabin of the CJ4 supplies the ergonomic comfort, which you desire, and reaches out to the contemporary technologies and usefulness, which you require. Cessna Citation private jet CJ4 has a special place for the operating systems in the cabin, offering every high-technological opportunity there is to its remarkable cabin for the systems of heating and cooling down.

Cessna Citation private jet CJ4 can take pride in the most stylishly furnished and most ergonomic designed cabins to date. This model of Cessna has a cabin almost 2 metres longer than that of the CJ3 model. This gives the opportunity for a personal working crib to be established.

The engineers believe that the passengers of the 21stcentury want more that just simply ergonomically projected seats, they want to feel comfortable. That’s why luxurious sedan style couches have been provided for their needs. The newest technologies and a wide private space have been given for free movement within the cabin itself. CJ4 provides everything the clients want. This model of Cessna Citation Private Jet combines exquisiteness and function into one, making it bold and majestic. 

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