Cessna Citation Private Jet CJ2+

Cessna Citation Private Jet CJ2+ is an irrefutable proof that even the best can always receive more. Cessna Citation Private Jet the work capacity of the pilot is reduced to a minimum. The maximum load upon take-off is induced, so that the proportions are taken into advantage. CJ2 has another upside – it gains altitude faster and varies swifter than its predecessor. And it uses up less fuel.

Cessna Citation Private Jet CJ2+ gives the passengers an improved comfort and advanced on-board electronic equipment. It can take off and land on short landing fields, even in the hottest weather. And, of course, it’s a thrill flying in it. This model of Cessna Citation Private Jet is a wise investment for you and your business.

In terms of interior, the Cessna Citation Private Jet CJ2+ is superior to the original CJ1 model, because it can accommodate a greater number of passengers. You can transport your entire family or management team.

The cabin of this model is almost three metres longer than that of the CJ1 model (91 metres, to be exact) and it’s more spacious.

The interior is larger than that of other jets, which cost millions. Indirect colour diode lighting creates a feeling of cosiness and isolation from the noise and chaos of the outer world. The semitransparent shining softens the simplistic lines and sparkle of the rich materials. The luxurious furniture and improved system of noise isolation add the feeling that you travel in one of the best airplane cabins, no matter the class.

Cessna Citation Private Jet CJ2+ is certified to fly at an altitude of 13 716 metres. You can take full advantage of the wind conditions, if they are indeed in your favour. That way you can reach your destination significantly more quickly.

Cessna Citation Private Jet continues to improve its CJ2 model. It reaches 13 716 metres for only 28 minutes at a speed of 774 kilometres per hour and an outreach of 2987 kilometres. Having in mind this increased speed and range, CJ2 most definitely earns the distinguishing “plus” mark in its name.