Bombardier Learjet Private Jet 40 XR

Experts say that Bombardier Learjet Private Jet 40 XR is synonymous with speed. It is an effective, sleek, and stylish charter solution, offering a possibility for rapid transport in a complete comfort.

The model also has optimum efficiency, especially when it comes to low altitudes. It is an upgraded version with swept wings, which in turn improves the opportunities for better take-off and landing, facilitates reaching maximum speeds, and in addition, allows the use of shorter runways. Actually, the Bombardier Learjet Private Jet 40 XR is just pride to the Learjet family of aircraft.

The interior of Bombardier Learjet Private Jet 40 XR is highly competitive in its class, as it is larger than the average light sized private jet with about 20%, and furthermore, its floor is completely flat. The number of executive seating is six, as four of them are club seating, fairly large and comfortable, and there are separately two further rear seats. The Bombardier Learjet 40 XR offers also and great fold-out dining tables, as well as a functional enclosed lavatory with wash basin.

The refreshment centre of Bombardier Learjet Private Jet 40 XR is also wonderful and very functional, as it can be equipped with a food warmer as a factory option, which is another advantage of the model. In fact, we can speak more for the Bombardier Learjet Private Jet XR 40, but we can also describe it only with a few words: innovation, practicality, beauty