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storing jewelry properly

Storing Jewelry Properly




bracelet jewelry

Jewelry are precious and valuable. For this reason, it should also be stored correctly so that the joy is maintained for long. The trade offers to the different possibilities. These include jewelry boxes, jewelry boxes or jewelry rolls. Since the choice can sometimes fall really hard. But with a few good tips anyone can find for yourself and your jewelry the right thing.

Jewelry Set


necklace jewelry

Even if the jewelry is worn alone, it has much to endure. Strike anywhere, or hanging, or even remain strong shocks are just a few problems that the jewelry has to deal with constantly. Then it should be but at least properly stored, when not worn. During storage can also make mistakes. Then the precious diamonds, precious stones or pearls could even damage the bearings against each other yet. Simple cups or bowls are not suitable for jewelry. Much better is to use a special container for jewelry scheduled for it.

Jewelry Box


jewelry box

Jewelry boxes  have many small individual compartments inside with a soft lining. Thus, in principle, any piece can be stored separately and carefully. Jewelry box purchases should make sure that there are plenty of rings for the connectors. Each ring can be inserted individually must, without scratching or damaging the adjacent ring. This is particularly true for diamonds or diamonds, because the surfaces are very hard and can scratch unprotected if only in lifting the jewelry box adjacent surfaces.

Jewelry Box


jewelry box

Jewelry boxes are there in so many shapes, colors and varieties that can be found for every taste and every budget the appropriate financial deposit. But even those who want to go on trips with jewelry, they should not dispense with a corresponding retention aid. The offers to trade on various decorative roles. The principle is always the same. On a cloth in different strengths, there are several loops and loops, where the jewelry pieces can be well fixed. Then the jewelry roll rolled up and can be stowed to save space.

Earrings Jewelry


earrings jewelry