Zodiac and interior – what is in your imagination and destiny Part 2

Leo-likes, when he admired, so each guest has to admire the dwelling of the lions. This sign of the Zodiac always selects all the best and most expensive, and if the funds do not allow – it must something original that others do not.

This may be a rare vase or fabric panel on the wall, made to order. In colours, noble lion prefers colors that are easy to combine with each other – deep blue and terracotta, beige and brown. For typical “lion” is inherent interior atmosphere of luxury.

Virgo – not giving a ghostly dream and act and the interior of their home is distinguished by the predominance of straight lines and geometric designs. Virgo have impeccable taste, they never combine that cannot be combined. So in their home are present and colour, and style harmony: all shades of cream and brown (the hot line) and gray or blue (for cold), strict minimalistic but functional interior.

Libra – balanced people close their calm interiors not ‘Relegated “to any extremes. So the house of Libra often comforts and harmony reigns. Hot line – classic shades of coffee with milk cold – dark blue, light blue, purple, gray, pink (pastel tones and discreet).

However, sometimes hesitate scales between different styles of interiors, as they do not like eclectic, so it is sufficient to determine the complicated situation. Often these are classic or contemporary furniture, but “excessive frippery.”

Furnishing and interior-Scorpion- strong and powerful character, loves the energy of these people have close bright deep red color. Inside, they usually choose shades of red and terracotta. Sensitive Scorpions recommended more comfortable, not irritating eye color – red in the interior used in accessories to play only a minor role. Scorpions prefer classic style furniture, sometimes less exotic.