Writing table or coffee table? Part 1

Indeed we cannot determine whether it is a desk that is a coffee table or two Writing Table or Coffee Table. In one are just sure that this is a beautiful thing in the world of design, where the hidden features sometimes look.

British designer invented this original concept for a client with a strong passion for furniture since 1950. He stated that the table combines “the contrasts of light and dark, straight lines and curves, complex structures with simple style and luxurious materials with thin structure.

“Certainly we enjoy the vision of non-formal furniture like this and welcome designers who create original works.

Writing table or coffee table
this is actually a project that obviously has unusual sources of inspiration. Elegant writing table was developed by Alex Kozynets and placed in stores. Pad on the table consists of stylish elements reminiscent of deer antlers. In the description of the designer, the deer is a symbol of grace, light, purity and spirituality. In the opinion of the author of this mass will be comfortable to solve all your affairs.

Stylish coffee table
an interesting example of what can be obtained from the useless tools in the garage interior startling subject, namely the coffee table or magazine. Developed is unusual miracle of Jonathan ‘Niemuth and has many original appearance. Table legs are made of pipes keys and their location on the cross and the red colour gives it originality and effectiveness.

Mass and fountain
Avalon Zen fountain was opened, stylish and practical. Its base is composed of three reddish-brown cylinders, creating a natural fall of water and fills your garden with its relaxing sounds. Occipital part is made of glass and provides extra space for drinks, candles and some decorative elements.