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Shoe Bathtub - Bath-230 Boot size of the Italian brand SICIS.

Shoe Bathtub – Bath-230 Boot size of the Italian brand SICIS


Luxury silver color shoe bathtub by SICIS

If you are a woman and just love the different shoe models, perhaps you’ll love these shoes-tubs that look incredibly beautiful and majestic. Italian companies are characterized by love for design. In addition, one of the most striking evidence of this can serve as a production company SICIS. No, these are not shoes. Most natural tubs filled like a giant shoe! Regardless of the size of their shoes, baths are given to preserve its elegance.

Shoe bathtub by SICIS


Marvelous pink color shoe bathtub in bathroom by SICIS

Last but not least, thanks to glass mosaic, reminiscent of the original crystals and processing causing associations bathtub with real shoes from leading designers.Designer tub or giant shoe. The Water Mixer is integrated directly into the bath water supply is carried out by the “fifth” of the shoe. Of course a simple apartment in this extravagant hygienic subject hardly came. Its maximum height is 165 cm, length – 270 cm wide bathtub shoe occupies 101 cm and the height of the working area (where the happy housewife rinse) – is about 60 cm.

Dark color shoe bathtub


Amazing dark color shoe bathtub in bedroom by SICIS

Moreover, with such a design will not be ashamed to deploy in the living room and bathtub-to surprise guests. There are several options for implementation.
Take the form associations. In Massimiliano Monaco Cases has created women’s shoes shiny tub, lined with glass mosaic SICIS. The bath shoe is worth 13,000 Euros (the price is per pair and per piece), but he surely will not dare.

Shoe bath in living room


Unique shoe bath in living room by sicis

SICIS shoe bathtube


SICIS shoe bathtube with mosaic tiles




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