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Planning a kitchen - Compromise between the desire and potential part 2

Planning a kitchen – Compromise between the desire and potential part 2



Natural wood modern kitchen with bar

There are various design techniques, which you can use, if you want to enhance the beauty of natural wood materials in your kitchen. For example, using an accent color in the form of light, even white border on which effectively will stand the texture of natural wood.

Modern wooden kitchen


Amazing modern wooden kitchen with glass table set

Modern kitchen and modern home facades
Light emphasize the dark cornices and moldings, open wooden shelves. In this case, even at the minimum area of classical cuisine of solid natural wood will not be suppressed. The open shelves in wall cabinets have both functional and decorative value, and they can highlight color.

Small kitchen with open shelves


Small modern kitchen with open glass shelves

Nevertheless, if someone asks him a lot in a standard apartment has a dark kitchen, without overloading the site; it must abandon the high cabinets.

Dark kitchen with high cabinets


Modern dark kitchen with high cabinets

Among other big fans of traditional kitchen, Germans prefer low furniture, cabinets leaving only high-type buffet and then only in combination with light structural elements. And it is quite promising trend in modern furniture of the kitchen. Upper shelves gradually descend closer to the work surface. In addition, the shelves are lower; the lower should be their depth.

Traditional kitchen with shelves


Traditional white kitchen with island and shelves