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Beautiful and comfortable wooden furniture part 2

Beautiful and comfortable wooden furniture part 2



Dining room with wooden blinds and furniture

“Wood Blinds” are a web of multi-layer wood panels that have a soft base. Technology itself is not new, surprising is the possibility of its application in modern furniture. As it turns, wood blinds with the same success can be doors on cabinets. In modern “furniture fashion” is often used various curvilinear shapes, and “wood blinds” in this respect – an irreplaceable trove. Wood veneer – a thin piece of wood that is attached to each base, is covered with furniture polish with several layers.

Kitchen with pine furniture


Stylish kitchen with wooden pine furniture


Visual impression that the furniture is completely covered with veneer made of solid wood. The price of this furniture is much less than solid wood furniture. However, it should be noted that to get the effect of solid furniture, veneer must be carefully selected as color and texture. Today, the furniture industry prefers mostly Swedish and German heat resistant varnishes furniture. When are proven natural-based varnishes for wood furniture, as an example lacquers based on beeswax.

Contemporary bedroom furniture


Contemporary furniture for bedroom from beech wood

When buying furniture from solid wood, do not forget the properties of wood from which this furniture was made. Pine wood is a softwood, but beech, oak, cherry, walnut, and others – are solid. Therefore, a cozy bedroom furniture pine will be fine, but a kitchen, dining room and corridor is better to choose the furniture in solid wood. Always remember: Natural wood products need special care, so stock up with patience and special tools. If necessary, wooden furniture can be repaired and restored individually, but it is better to make it professional.

Wooden bedroom furniture


Beautiful bedroom with bed from pine wood

Modern living room


Modern living room with wood bookcase and coffee tables