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Patent leather furniture Part 1

Patent leather furniture Part 1



Luxury black patent leather Chesterfield sofa

Patent leather starts to “shine” in upholstered leather furniture and accessories at home. Things that illuminate our clothes, now add it in home furniture.

Dining furniture with patent leather chairs


Luxury dining furniture set with yellow patent leather chairs

This is still rarely used material, but the designers and he will live his days of glory with patent leather furniture.In most applications, patent leather plays a supporting role. It adds a little sparkle to the room and at the same time is a perfect jewel, placed end to the utmost perfection. However, the actor playing a minor role actually has the potential to achieve unexpected success in the show with this leather furniture.

Patent leather bench


Luxury patent leather black bench

Leather furniture designers began to weave patent leather in its product line many years ago. When they saw that the shiny patent leather furniture, smooth leather used for shoes, belts, coats, almost every fashion accessory that you can imagine.

Patent leather chair


Patent leather black chair

Elbow adds patent leather furniture richness and hints of modernism in the interior and a little more originality, added as cover for the wooden frame of the mirror and strips on the seats of upholstered furniture, such as tiny spots on the upholstery of furniture.

Patent leather bar stools


Patent leather red bar stools

Such patent leather furniture, in addition, have easy-clean surface. This varnish is very suitable for upholstery of chairs, bar stools and sofas.Of course, it should not be overused as emphasis on paint. Because eventually sofa things can start to look like “cheap leather shoes”.