How to refresh your living room

Most living room furniture, which is been good ten years ago, might now have a desperate need of refreshment. If you cannot afford to replace old, tear apart a new sofa or even trim his resume, then you have to use tricks of accessories. Some small touches can achieve great results.Try to find covers for the sofa.

Select it soft pastel tone, if you think it is time to enter a new color living room furniture set, which will be combined with existing colors. When you put on the cover, upholstered furniture must comply very well to its size, because if you have a wider, cases may seem like a baggy dress on furniture.Once the sofa is covered, use a large number of pillows to decorate it.

You can use pillows in different colors and different materials for your living room, but the sound in the same colors.If you have wooden chairs in the living room, which are upholstered cushion seating, try to put her case and, in the same color on the couch. However, if no such chair upholstered cushion, you can put as much backrest decorative pillow.

If you do not want to spend money on cases for living room, then you can only add new decorative pillows on the couch right. You also can spread out of the couch or even the whole a nice touch fabric, whose right to combine or even to repeat another element in the living room.

However, if you are already decide completely change the appearance of the living room interior, remove all the old color accents in the room as pillows, vases, pictures and decorative items. If the carpet is the color that you no longer want, put it on another new carpet in your desired colors. If the floor is paved with wood, it is advisable to put a carpet in those colors to make it easier to be muffled earlier.