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Easter 2014 – dates and traditional celebrations

Easter 2014 home decoration ideas

Easter is one of the biggest holidays in the year. Since its date is changing, here are the dates of Easter 2014 and some of the traditions of this beautiful holiday. Christians celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus and this year the holiday is on 20.04.2014. The Jewish community celebrates the deliverance of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt and this year the festive days begin at sunset on April 14, 2014 until nightfall of April 22, 2014.

Easter 2014 – respecting the traditions

 Easter 2014 red egg symbolizes the blood of Christ

The name of Easter comes from Eostre – the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring and that is why this holiday is celebrated during this season. Before that this holiday was called Pasch (Passover) and that name remained in many non-English languages. Like every year during Easter 2014 people celebrate with respect to the traditions of their religions and custom habits. In many countries spring and Easter festivals are held where the beginning of new life is celebrated. Easter is among the most popular holiday for sending cards and wish well to our friends and family.

Easter 2014 – most popular activities

kids fun easter egg hunt

The first and most popular are, of course, Easter eggs. They are the symbol of new life in many cultures. Eggs are colored, painted, dyed or otherwise decorated. In some countries Easter egg hunt is a popular Easter game for kids and the most famous egg roll takes place on the White House lawn and Easter 2014 will make no difference. Orthodox Christians always paint the first egg in red which symbolizes the blood of Christ. Easter bunny is another popular symbol of fertility. In many countries the Easter bunny is the one who hides the eggs for the kids to find. All over the world people decorate their homes for the holiday and despite the differences between cultures and traditions, we all agree that Easter is a wonderful holiday.

festive easter table decoration ideas easter 2014 dates

 Colorful Easter eggs

colorful easter eggs Easter 2014 traditions

 The egg roll fun at the White House

traditional White House Easter Egg Roll

 Traditional Seder meal for Passover

traditional seder meal for Passover

Traditional Jewish unleavened bread for passover – matzo

traditional jewish bread passover matzo

 Sweet Easter bread

traditional holiday sweet bread easter 2014

Sweet bread for Easter with nuts

traditional sweet easter bread

Easter celebrations – parade costumes

easter celebrations parade costumes

    Hiding Eeaster eggs is popular in many countries

hiding easter eggs tradition in many cultures  easter holiday decoration eggs candles

easter 2014 dates easter eggs

White house traditional egg roll