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Redesign your apartment Part 8

Redesign your apartment Part 8



Small studio redesign apartment reading space

One of the ways to increase apartment living space – creating a room podium
You can put on the podium cabinet, dining table with chairs, or something else. Although, of course, is not everyone likes to sleep in a low niche. So do not exclude the reverse version of the raised bed set (or something else), and place under the bed, just below the podium, to use as a pantry or a place where music centre, equipped with bookshelves.

Rustic modern living room with bookshelves and corner sofa


Apartment redesign rustic modern living room with bookshelves and corner sofa

Do “two rooms” of one by using the apartment shelves. That is to cut off the room rack. Shelves laden with books and souvenirs, you can, for example, isolate the “sleeping” part of the room from the “living room“, or do for shelves’ computer bay. „Even more robust “furniture” fence can serve as closets, inscribed in size to the size of the room.

Contemporary living room design


Apartment redesign Contemporary living room design

For example, experts are considering such an option in apartment. Across the long, narrow room, the ends of the walls, install and securely fasten two high, long and narrow closets. Cabinets, thus, divide the room into two parts. Alternatively, you can fasten cabinets together into a solid “wall” and the passage door equipped coupe. Thus, a very functional separation of the room, as the “wall” you can hang clothes and remove many necessary items.

Living room with bookshelves and soft sofa


Apartment redesign luxury living room with bookshelves and soft sofa

An interesting variant of the same apartment design sharing the room: On one side end, face of the wall cabinet placed, on the other – the shelves. They are also located across the room. Ends of the shelves are fastened to the wall, and a second support for the shelf (near the middle of the room) is a metal stand that permeates through the shelves. Shelves can be of different lengths as an option – they form an arch, in conjunction with the curved sidewall of the “transverse” cabinet.

Scandinavian Design Bedroom Interior


Scandinavian Design Bedroom Interior

Such a barrier, on the one hand, creates a nook near the apartment window, and, on the other hand, is not a major obstacle to the penetration of daylight in the first part of the room where the door. According to experts, such partitioning is rational to establish, for example, in a studio apartment where a family lives with children.