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Range Rover Stormer


During the Detroit Auto Show Land Rover company finally has put the cards on the table and showed their development rumors of which have emerged in the middle of last year. The crowd of visitors constantly “hovered” around the vehicle with fearsome more than respectable name Range Stormer and it was a clear evidence that the British-German concern has hit the right direction in development. According to its creators the muscular athlete is much more than a design exercise. It is cleared from the maximum applicable in mass production technical solutions that could soon be moving in ordinary ways, not just a “fashion”. Experts added that the Range Stormer would fit perfectly in the Group model range alongside the fellow Range Rover, Discovery, Freelander and Defender.

Range Rover Stormer interior


Land Rover designers created Range Rover Stormer themselves in a class of the more preferred SUV-car, which in this case, the means a perfect combination between sports and a high giant. For the four-Terrain qualities hardly anyone could have any doubts, as Anglo-German concern has earned long ago an enviable reputation in this class. Among other things, it has created Range Stormer on a new platform that designers of the Land Rover were planning to use for the future development of all high-end models. It is a combination of conventional bearing monocoque chassis and sustainable.

Range Rover Stormer front


Range Rover Stormer design is completely new – it has independent adjustable air suspension on all four wheels. Further features of the novice and the system are the Terrain Response System, thanks to which the driver can set the car in six different ride modes. With only one button Range Stormer is “commanded” for highway driving mode (Dynamic) or to overcome bottlenecks in areas obstacles (mode Deep Ruts).


With a sophisticated Range Rover Stormer electronic control unit, a “unity” is formed between the engine, gearbox and transmission. In practice, only a fraction of a second car, thanks to the intelligent system “recognizes” the change in traffic conditions and selects the most optimal parameters for the task. According to the creators of the Range Rover Stormer this should facilitate rather than hinder the owner of the British SUV.


Now people expect in the future the car to be equipped with suitable Range Rover Stormer engine. The biggest chance we have is a V-shaped eight-cylinder supercharged engine with 4.2 liters displacement, which is in the arms of Jaguar – XJR and XKR. It is assumed that the changes (mostly matching the power and maximum torque) will ensure the expected aggregate experience by Range Rover Stormer.