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Nissan NP300 Puck up exceeds expectations


NP means Nissan Pick up, and the figure 300 is a cut from 3000, which is the maximum weight in kilograms of the car and its cargo. If we have to be precise, the total mass is 2860 kg, but the Japanese rounded it in January. In fact, this truck is so tough that without any problems would bear a plenty of cargo. In this we were convinced after extensive testing of the vehicle.

Nissan NP300 Pick Up


Nissan NP300 is the result and a creation of a tested 10-year technology (D22). This pickup is not impresseive with the aggressive appearance, but with its proportions and dimensions – absolutely sufficient for a car of this kind. It is characterized by clean and stylish shapes, rough enough, and the appearance lacks any luxurious and extravagant items. Corporate identity, however, is preserved. Overall, the design does not cause negative emotions, but everything in it is dictated to functionality.

Nissan NP300 pick up interior


Interior – the cabin features are not a priority for Nissan NP300. This does not mean that there is no comfort. The devices impress with maximum simplicity. The seats are comfortable and legroom for driver and passenger next to him is more than enough. At the back seats there is space for three passengers together, but the feeling is for a slight discomfort. Another disadvantage is referring to the steering column. It can only be adjusted in position up and down, but not in depth. However, functional cargo space is quite large.


Engine and chassis specs – the engine has less volume and power,compared to the Navara, the unit is a little noisy at high revs, but is characterized by economy, which in this case is of greater importance.


Another advantage of Nissan NP300 Puck up – the terms of his four – 2H, 4n, N and 4L, the figures indicate the number of drive wheels, and H and L, respectively, “fast” and “slow”. Gears index H can be toggled at a speed of 40 km/h, but the situation L car to be brought to rest. The only drawback is the longer base that can play a practical joke to the heavy cross-country SUV. Heeling bends at high speed is not small, but this is no reason for concern. Compared to a similar car NP300 is quite stable.