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Ford Atlas concept 2014 F-150- full surprise -

2014 Ford Atlas concept

One of the biggest surprises of the North American Auto Show came in form the concept Ford Atlas, a future prototype of the F-150 next generation  With its “blue oval” ambitiously stated that dictates the future of pickups in general.

Ford Atlas concept 2014

2014 Ford Atlas concept interior

The design provides many opportunities for practical transformations using the so-called System Built Ford Tough. Furthermore, the truck is equipped with EcoBoost engines from new generation. It also have the Auto Start-Stop, specially adapted for part cargo cars. Economical units are a big step forward as the U.S. market, where until the 2010 F-150 where only available with a V8 engine. Since last year, the company introduced the 3.5-liter EcoBoost and it was a great success.

Ford Atlas

2014 Ford Atlas concept

Ford also introduced the concept Ford Atlas two years before the d?but of the production model, without placing any a spy photos, drawings or sketches. The name comes from the prototype titan Atlas who bore the sky, according to Greek mythology, so eloquently what the vehicle can carry is cargo.Lets not forget that the F series is the best-selling truck of the U.S. market, where this pickup trucks are very popular.

2014 Ford Atlas concept

2014 Ford Atlas concept