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The Rainbow Sheikh Jeep - the biggest jeep in the world


In the automobile industry there have been all sorts of crazy projects, most of which we have introduced in our categories. Now we shall show you a military jeep The Rainbow Sheikh Jeep, which is actually the largest SUV in the world. In this case the driving force is a Colonel from the United Arab Emirates named Hamad bin Hamdan al Nayan. In his spare time he deals with cases that are fully consistent with the reputation of  this wealthy citizen of the UAE. Hamad personal collection has 200 cars, but now he is fond of military SUVs.

The Rainbow Sheikh Jeep front


Hamad mhas put in a lot of money in the construction of The Rainbow Sheikh Jeep. In fact the officer is known as gigantean who lives in a huge caravan. The latter has ten bedrooms, a spacious living room, four garages and balconies. 122-ton Trailer length is 25 meters and width 15 meters. The eccentric lives in this huge caravan on his own wish, rather than lack of funds. He has a private island and land area of 4200 square kilometers.

The Rainbow Sheikh Jeep – a classic military jeep


The idea to build the largest SUV The Rainbow Sheikh Jeep accidentally came up. The cab of the jeep has four rooms. The strangest thing is that the giant can move. The Arab plans to deploy it in the jeep auto museum.