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Super Bowl commercials 2012 -

GM laughs at Ford during the Super Bowl commercials 2012.

The world disappears, surviving only drivers of Chevrolet.
U.S. car-maker Ford is angry because commercial of rival General Motors (GM), which was aired during the Super Bowl commercials 2012.
In the video, only truck drivers of GM Chevrolet Silverado survived the flood were upon the earth. However, no such luck for the drivers of pickups branded Ford.
The video from Super Bowl commercials 2012 that was broadcast despite the discontent of Ford, attracted attention during the finals with 111.3 million viewers have seen the highest level of viewing the history of American television.


Super Bowl commercials 2012

“Where’s Dave?” Ask the driver of Chevrolet, having found its way through ravaged city. “Dave didn’t drove the most rugged and reliable pick-up. Dave drove Ford”, meets another survivor of the pickup driver from the range of GM.

By Ford are outraged and explained that the vehicle from the company’s F series from 35 years is the bestselling pickups in the U.S. In addition, Ford has sold and most pickup trucks traveled more than 250,000 miles, which shows the reliability of the car.