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Austrian conception for modern house architecture

 Modern house architecture – Haus Angerhofer



Modern house architecture - Haus Angerhofer

Architects and designers working for the Wien based agency AW Architekten ZT GmbH are here to present you an Austrian conception for modern house architecture. The project is called Haus Angerhofer – the Angerhofer House – and it is a nice idea for impression of a wonderful home architecture. Here, we become some witnesses of an amazing combination of water, bricks, bamboo wood and static harmony.

Haus Angerhofer is perfect modern home architecture for three main reasons. First one is connected with its functionality. If we look closer and with more attention inside and outside the great construction we can get to the conclusion that, at first, it is a lovely and comfortable place to live in. Secondly, this Austrian idea for modern architecture is also a spending place for a family vacation or weekend day offs for you and you and your friends. This modern house could be a holiday resort, also.


Modern house architecture - Haus Angerhofer

Moreover, Haus Angerhofer is a fantastic modern house architecture according to its plan of construction and building. The main rooms and other functional premises are gently separated with bamboo wooden bases. Each of them comes with an elegant and comfortable interior design, where the rest and the relaxation are guaranteed. Mostly, walls here are not the priority for the creators of this modern home architecture – big windows are installed for more light and freshness.

Austrian specialists from AW Architekten ZT GmbH are trying to convince their audience that the minimalist modern house architecture should be comfortable and cozy. This is a main idea and turns into the most important goal. But meanwhile, the modern architecture must possess its typical feature. In this Austrian modern house the individuality is stressed with the Bohemian spirit, the sign for a casualty everywhere and the silence coming from all the furniture and decoration motives.

 Modern minimalist home interior 


Modern minimalist home interior design


Minimalist kitchen design with island


Modern bathroom interior design


Modern minimalist bedroom design


Modern minimalist dining room design


Modern minimalist living room design


Minimalist bathroom furniture

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